Instagram Blog Course

Instagram Blog Course

Hey Instagrammers. Welcome to the obligatory blog course series where I very quickly give you an overview of this Instagram Blog Course Series. Let’s do this as fast as we can so that we can actually get into the good stuff.

So as you know throughout this entire course what we’re going to be doing is learn and understand what it takes to build a real Instagram account and earn their respect in the form of getting followers.

Some of you may think that just by posting regularly, using the right hashtags and putting up cute husky images you may get it just right, but let me burst your bubble right here. Creating an account on Instagram is easy but building reputation and followers is the hard part. It requires a deep understanding of how Instagram works and what Instagram users expect from you.

What will we cover in this Instagram Blog Course:

The core sections are pretty easy to follow:

  • First, we start by creating our account. If you already have an account then you might be interested in optimizing it.
  • Then we go into how to plan a content strategy, what works, what’s popular and what you can pull off and then we’ll lay the groundwork.
  • We’ll do some research into competitors, figure out who we need to immediately start networking with then we’ll create our first batch of content.
  • I’ll teach you how to use a bunch of tools and we’ll design a workflow around what we think is going to fit our content strategy.
  • Then we’ll move on to posting, writing captions, picking hashtags and optimizing the times that you post.
  • Then we’ll set up successful growth habits,
  • We’ll learn how to do things like shout-outs.
  • Then will move on to things like stories and Instagram Live.
  • And finally, On the blackhat techniques (for advanced users only), we’ll learn how to build bots and will do things like automated outreach.
  • We’ll learn how to create zombie accounts.
  • We’ll learn how to hire freelancers and how to automate and scale our content production.
  • We’ll even learn how to run successful competitions and lastly,
  • Four different ways that we can make money on Instagram.

Then as the more astute of you have noticed, in the very end, we have all of the follow-along with blog posts, where you can follow me from 200 followers all the way up to whatever now.

All right guys with that being said I hope you enjoy this Instagram Blog Course Series.

Please Read:

  • If you already have an account please be smart about where you start reading this course from.
  • If you already have an optimized profile and everything like that, then you don’t need to do the first section. If you know how to post on Instagram, then you don’t need to do the posting section as well.
  • Pick where you feel comfortable and keep in mind, you can always bookmark these blog posts or email it to yourself.

All right! Without being said, I’m excited to present to you the Instagram Blog Course Series that I’ve been working on for six months. See you in the section.